The Journey…

When I started this team with Kristin back in February, I truly did not know what all would happen between then and November 5, 2010.  I had joined so that I could walk for Mrs. Barbara, for Myself, for my Husband and our Children.  Then I realized, that I am doing this walk for everyone.  No one is immune to breast cancer, therefore I walk for you as well. 

We have had several fundraisers over the past few months, 99% of them have been highly successful.  We’ve really only had one that wasn’t what we had hoped for.  Along with those fundraisers though had been a lack of time spent with my family and friends.  That has been my greatest challenge with all of this.  How to balance my family and doing this walk that I so believe in.  There are times when I have thought that I will not give up one more Saturday with them for a fundraiser, yet I do.  The reason, because if I don’t, they could have a chance of having this awful disease.  So the way I see it is, if I miss a few Saturdays now, then I can have a lifetime of Saturdays with them later.  I want nothing more than to find a cure so that no one has to miss those special moments with their family! No child should be Motherless or Fatherless because of this disease when a cure is obtainable!!

We only have 9 weeks until we walk 60 miles in 3 days.  I still have $1620 left to raise so that I can participate.  I know that I will make it, because I refuse to do anything less.  This is my biggest challenge so far, and I will overcome it.  With all the support that I have from my friends and family, I know that this is possible!!  I will also make it for Mrs. Barbara, who since I have started this journey has come out of remission.  She is family to me, as are her children.  I want to make sure that she has a Lifetime of Loving her children and grandchildren. 

If you would, please make a donation to my page, so that together, we can eradicate Breast Cancer.  My gratitude for those that have donated, those that will, and those that “donate” to me in other ways is insurmountable!  Thank you to everyone who has been there for me and with me on this Journey.  Most importantly, thank you Brenon, Kaleb, Kameron, and Ava for letting your Wife and Mommy dedicate so much time to such an important cause!




Why I’m a ChiChi!

Walking in the Komen 3-Day is something I never really thought of until this year. I remember hearing the commercials on the radio and seeing the commercials on the TV.  One day I ran up to Walmart and saw Kristin and other ChiChis walking in the park. I must have been gone for about 2 hours. When I drove home, they were still walking! I thought to myself, “They are friggin’ nuts!”  Well, it wasn’t until later that I learned why they were walking. Kristin asked me to join, but knowing how much time it would take, I respectfully declined. Her offer stuck in my mind all day and all night for atleast a week! I talked to my husband about the committment it would take and he graciously offered his support. You see, without his support there is NO way I could do this! Thank you Doug!

Now, this is why I’m a ChiChi. Although my Mom lost a very courageous battle on July 23, 2009 to Lung Cancer, I’m walking for all of the daughters who have lost their mothers to Breast Cancer. Losing your mother/best friend/wife to your father/and MawMaw to your children is so painful and heartbreaking! There are some days I’m still in a fog about it. However, training for the 3-Day has helped me grieve in so many ways. I have met some pretty neat women that I hope to remain friends with after we take this amazing journey together.

I love you all! -Gina

My View

When Kristina set up this blog, I was so excited. I couldn’t wait to write something on it. I told her that I just wanted to stop everything that I was doing and blog right then. Now look, it has been over a month and I never actually blogged! That is a part of what this whole journey is about, though. You get wrapped up in doing some of the more important things, like fundraising and walking, that you forget about or don’t have enough time for some of the smaller yet equally important things, like blogging. It is important to me to keep this blog going as a journal of our thoughts, our tribulations, our growing friendships, our fundraisers, and ultimately walking 60 miles to END breast cancer.

So, a little about me. I am Kristin Shirley, wife to Neal and momma to Jeg. We lost someone 2 years ago to cancer. Neal’s grandmother, Mary, got breast cancer and it spread to other organs. She never seemed to show anyone that this disease bothered her. She was always so strong and positive about what life had given her, whether it was good or bad. Grandma is the intial reason why I decided to walk in the Komen 3-Day.

Grandma & Jeg 6/1/08

I have come to find many more reasons why I am walking in the 2010 Susan G. Komen 3-Day for the Cure. I am walking for the people who have fought this disease and lost. I am walking for the people who are currently fighting this disease. I am walking for the people who are survivors. I am walking for the people who are being helped through the community programs the Komen foundation helps provide funds for. I am walking for my friends. I am walking for my family. One thing that I have learned through this is that breast cancer knows no boundaries and I believe that everyone deserves a lifetime!

Kristina mentioned to me that she was interested in walking the 3-Day in January. I told her that I knew a little about that and I had thought about doing it as well. The next thing I know, Kristina had signed me up for a Get Started meeting. I reluctantly went, because I wasn’t sure if I even wanted to sign up. 60 miles is a lot! But, when I got into the meeting I was so inspired that I immediately signed-up. I knew that we would have a lot of training to complete, but my reasoning was if Grandma lived with this disease, I sure as heck could walk the 60 miles. When I came home, Neal told me he wasn’t surprised, he knew I would sign up.

As inspired as Kristina and I were, we immediately started talking to friends about joining us in this journey. We came up with Chi Chi Mamas, just by tossing slang words around that meant breasts. (Everyone asks about the origin of our team name, so truth be told.) I don’t even remember just being a team of 2. We now have 12 members, all women from around the Saginaw area, all dedicated to making a difference. We have several other people (yes, there is a man who is thinking about being the token Chi Chi Daddy) inquire about being on our team. Our team is open and we would be honored to have a bigger, stronger team. Every one of our members is going to bring a different outlook, new ideas to fundraising, and give a fresh perspective to why we have all committed ourselves to walking the 3-Day.

I just can’t wait to see everything this journey holds!

Kristin Shirley

The Starting Point…

I decided that since I started the blog for our team, that it would only fit for me to blog first.  The moment I made the choice to do this walk, is the moment I chose life.  Life for those currently fighting cancer, those who have previously fought and lost, for those who previously fought and won,  and those who may have to fight in the future.  I chose to walk, so that one day no one will have to walk.  So that my sons and  daughter may never have to know what an ugly disease cancer truly is.  Cancer is a disease that knows no boundaries, whether it be breast cancer, colon cancer, leukemia, or neuroblastoma.  It does not care if we are rich, poor, middle class, or any other.  It doesn’t care if we are black, white, hispanic, native american, or greek. 

When I started this journey and made the choice to start a team, I truly had no idea what to expect.  If you had told me then that we would currently be a team of 11, I may not have believed you!  I’m definitely a determined and motivated person, but to see the friends and strangers that have joined and rallied together, is truly amazing!  I have met some great women out of this experience, and it’s still the beginning!  I already feel bonded to these women in a way that I can’t describe.  The support, the motivation, the caring , and the anything you need attitudes are what make this team so great!!  To see everything that all of these women are willing to do for each other is amazing!  We are embarking on a journey unlike any other, and it will be an experience unlike any other.

I believe that the Chi Chi Mamas can do anything!! My goal at this point for team members is 16, because with the motivation and determination we all have, it is truly possible!  We have several large fundraisers coming up, and I know that everyone is stretched thin.  Just remember when it gets to the point of being too much, just ask your fellow Chi Chi Mama for some assistance!

Until next time…


Chi Chi Mamas Co-Captain

Here Goes…

This is a blog that has been set up so that our Komen 3-Day for the Cure team can blog our journey, experiences, and everything else that goes into this journey we are embarking on!  We hope that you will enjoy reading this, as much as we will enjoy writing it!

God Bless and Have a Great Day!

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