The Journey…

When I started this team with Kristin back in February, I truly did not know what all would happen between then and November 5, 2010.  I had joined so that I could walk for Mrs. Barbara, for Myself, for my Husband and our Children.  Then I realized, that I am doing this walk for everyone.  No one is immune to breast cancer, therefore I walk for you as well. 

We have had several fundraisers over the past few months, 99% of them have been highly successful.  We’ve really only had one that wasn’t what we had hoped for.  Along with those fundraisers though had been a lack of time spent with my family and friends.  That has been my greatest challenge with all of this.  How to balance my family and doing this walk that I so believe in.  There are times when I have thought that I will not give up one more Saturday with them for a fundraiser, yet I do.  The reason, because if I don’t, they could have a chance of having this awful disease.  So the way I see it is, if I miss a few Saturdays now, then I can have a lifetime of Saturdays with them later.  I want nothing more than to find a cure so that no one has to miss those special moments with their family! No child should be Motherless or Fatherless because of this disease when a cure is obtainable!!

We only have 9 weeks until we walk 60 miles in 3 days.  I still have $1620 left to raise so that I can participate.  I know that I will make it, because I refuse to do anything less.  This is my biggest challenge so far, and I will overcome it.  With all the support that I have from my friends and family, I know that this is possible!!  I will also make it for Mrs. Barbara, who since I have started this journey has come out of remission.  She is family to me, as are her children.  I want to make sure that she has a Lifetime of Loving her children and grandchildren. 

If you would, please make a donation to my page, so that together, we can eradicate Breast Cancer.  My gratitude for those that have donated, those that will, and those that “donate” to me in other ways is insurmountable!  Thank you to everyone who has been there for me and with me on this Journey.  Most importantly, thank you Brenon, Kaleb, Kameron, and Ava for letting your Wife and Mommy dedicate so much time to such an important cause!




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  1. Kristin Shirley
    Sep 08, 2010 @ 01:29:32

    It has definitely been a struggle, but then I look at the big picture and know that what you are saying is right. I will put my heart and soul into every bit of this because this disease is so unfair.

    I appreciate all that you do and continue to do each day, Kris! I am so glad to be a part of your team!


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