Chi Chi Carnival and Save Second Base Softball Tourney 8/14/10

So, when we had one of our first meetings one of the fundraiser ideas was to have a softball tournament. We decided on date, amount per team, location, etc. After a few weeks, I had the bright idea of including a carnival at the same time. I went to the recreation department and asked about renting the ball field and large pavilion that are adjacent to each other in the park we walk around. They told me the $ it would cost to rent them for the day and my eyes popped. “Ummm, do you think you can donate it since this is for a good fundraising cause?” Sure enough, the City of Saginaw was extremely generous with us.

There was so much planning involved with this, that I am not even going to get into. For one, I missed most of the meetings, and for two I wanted to be involved but not so much in the planning aspect. Hopefully, Gina or one of the other Chi Chis will write more about the planning process.

The week leading up to the event was a whirlwind for me. I was working on getting more donations for our raffle, making signs, making raffle bags, getting all the food and supplies, and making items for our cake walk. Whew, the event hadn’t even happened yet and I was tired!

August 14th started at 6:15am for me. I had the cooler filled with soft drinks that I had to get ice in, so I ran up to Sonic where they had donated ice for us. Then, because I had so much stuff to bring to the park, Kristina met me back at my house and we loaded both of our vehicles down. When we got to the park (about 15 minutes after everyone else) everyone was obviously starting to stress. Well, except for Gary. He seemed calm and ready to take on anything we asked of him. Thanks for being our ROCK, Gary!

Let’s see…we had a dunk tank, face painter, tattoo and hair artists, a petting zoo, treasure hunt, ducky game, cake walk, go fish, bounce house, The Game Truck, and a Sno-Cone vendor. We had hot dogs, nachos, pizza from Cici’s, sandwiches from Subway, nuggets from Chik-Fil-A, popcorn, pickles, candy, soft drinks, tea, pink lemonade and water. We had Scentsy, Discovery Toys, Thirty-One, Mary Kay, Pampered Chef, and Premier Designs Jewelry. Oh, and then let me tell you about the raffles. Each vendor from above donated a raffle item and then we also had free admissions/discounts from Legacy Photos, Roller World Northeast, Leapin’ Lizards, Laser Quest, Let’s Jump, The Little Gym, NRH2O, Six Flags, and Tornado Terry’s. If I missed anything, I’m sorry, but as you can tell we had ourselves quite an event.

Save Second Base Softball Tournament was a hit as well. We ended up with 4 teams that played Round Robin. Three of the teams chose to buy t-shirts from us and WOW, those were awesome!

We decided to get extras of this t-shirt and I am sure glad we did, because they are popular! We are selling them for $15 and only have a few left!

All in all, our team was phenomenal during this fundraiser. We ended up profiting a little over $2000 from the combined events which will help in our ultimate goal: raising money to find a cure for breast cancer. Every little bit gets us closer to that goal.

Now onto the next fundraiser: Spaghetti Dinner catered by Applebee’s on 8/26…Whew, so many awesome events!

~Kristin Shirley


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