Some Days

So our training has “officially” started for the DFW 3-Day. Several of us walked on Monday 5/17 and then again on Tuesday 5/18. The main discussion for my fellow 3-Day-ers and myself on Tuesday was how it was difficult to walk, though. Why are some days harder than others?

Gina, Diane, Shelly, and myself walked the first lap and we realized we were moving at a much slower pace than we usually do. We tried to walk faster, but we all still felt as though we were walking at snail speed. I had trouble with swelling in my hands and muscle tightness in my legs.

I tell you, though, the best things about Tuesday’s walk was the companionship from my other Chi Chi Mamas, the smiles from other people enjoying the park, and knowing that we are training for a cause that means so much to all of us. Without those things, walking would have been so much harder!

Some days may be harder than others. Some days our hands may swell, our muscles get tight, we may get blisters. But, some day we may have a cure. That is what makes “some days” worth it.

Thanks for being there Chi Chi Mamas!



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  1. Gina
    May 19, 2010 @ 13:25:43

    Loved your post! I was extremely sore last night when I got home, so I showered and then hit the sack.When I woke up this morning, the pain was gone. You know what I realized?! I realized that the pain I endured last night while walking 8.5 miles in less than 2 hours was something I only felt for a few hours. The pain that cancer patients endure isn’t for a few hours….it’s for days, weeks, months, and in some cases years! So, next time I’m in pain, I need to remember the purpose of our walk and what it means to ME!


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